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Meet Andrea! 

Andrea Mamalakis Epting is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Masters Addiction Counselor, Certified Sex Addictions Therapist, and an Approved Clinical Supervisor. She has been working in the field of psychology, with her specialty in clinical counseling since 2006. 

She currently specializes in program development and effective treatment of complex and developmental trauma, trauma initiated process addictions, betrayal trauma, and dopamine deficiencies. Andrea Epting is the  Founder & CEO of Heads-Up Guidance Services

(HUGS), Owner and Clinical Director of Resolve Strategies, Inc., and Founder & Content Creator for her most recent “passion project” -  Lightning in a Bottle TM, where she hosts the Direct Impact Podcast and launches evergreen & live digital courses such as; The Antidote for Reactive Living, Healing Body Betrayal, Escaping the Perfectionism Paradox, Essential Truths to Support Your Recovery, Partner Betrayal, and TAME the Time Tyrant. Most recently, Andrea self-published her “Plan to Recover”: A 90 day journal to recovery and self-discovery (available for purchase on Amazon). On the horizon, look for her live events and recovery retreats coming soon. 

Meet the Founder 

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