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Partner Betrayal - This "Post-Discovery"course will assist those experiencing the symptoms of Complex Trauma as the result of relational, sexual, or emotional infidelity, and intimacy betrayal. This course will offer insight, clarity, and support to those in the very beginning phases of Betrayal recovery, and will create a path to healing. 

Body Betrayal - This MUST HAVE course will assist individuals in healing and growing through the process of overcoming Body Betrayal. Body Betrayal is an intense and/or prolonged series of traumas connected to and experienced within the Body. This can be experienced as the result of a chronic health condition, body shaming, the aging process/ hormonal changes, medical injury, infertility and miscarriage, unmanaged/prolonged pain, etc.

Essential Truths for Recovery - Are you tired of the perpetual "hamster wheel"? This course is a recovery ESSENTIAL for anyone in the early stages of dis-connection with an unwanted or disruptive pattern of behavior(s).

CAREfull Boundaries - Struggling to prioritize your most precious relationships - Relationship with Body and Self? In this LIFE CHANGING digital course, you will learn to establish and maintain healthy boundaries, and protect your energy in a way that enhances your mood and valuable relationships with others.   

Tame the Time Tyrant - A deep dive into the neuro-biological and physiological WHY behind the struggle against time including CNS toning, distress tolerance & emotion regulation skills. 

Escaping the Perfectionism Paradox - Understanding the role perfectionism plays in your life and areas where you might be stuck in limiting beliefs, procrastination, and self hate. 

The Antidote for Reactive Living - Get a deeper understanding as to why we live in a constant state of reaction and learn tools and techniques to stay grounded in the present and live a proactive lifestyle. 

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