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S1.E7. Direct Impact with Guest Kenny Grant

Updated: Mar 11

Direct Impact Nation, let Andrea introduce you to one of Savannah, Georgia’s leading influencers. As he says, “I like to influence the influencers.” Pastor Kenny Grant is the Senior Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church right here in Andrea’s hometown, Savannah, GA. How did this former U.S. Marine Drill Instructor go from transforming people into Marines at Parris Island in South Carolina to transforming one congregation after another? Join Andrea and Pastor Kenny. Find out what he sees as the three mental health struggles that he calls, “Corrosive to the person.” Find out why Andrea thinks curiosity should go hand in hand with anger! This episode is one that sews unity and reaps the wisdom relevant to the self, the family, and the community at large.

Direct Impact with Andrea Epting

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