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S2.E17 Direct Impact with Andrea Epting - Our Passions Give Purpose to Our Past

Hello Direct Impact Nation! Meet one of our very own volunteers and founder of the Amped Up Sports Recreation League in Savannah, Javares "JAHA" Taylor. Today the conversation is about overcoming our past traumas and turning them into experiences that push us forward.

JAVARES "JAHA" TAYLOR (JT) - Amped Up Sports Recreational Leaugue

Episode Highlights: Commitment, bringing meaning to our past, overcoming trauma, and creating community

1. Trainer: What are you going to do next?

a. Wake-up moment - when bad things happen, it is up to me to decide what happens next

2. Comparing fottball to the game of life

a. Full of ups and downs and unexpected turns

3. Goal: give young people a chance to be young and provide them with opportunities and relief from their hard personal lives.

a. Influences their views of life - learn resilience, being in a community, understanding mental health and generational stigmas and trauma. Help young people steer away from violence.

4. Modeling and being the example

a. JT uses his authenticity and emotional intelligence to relate and support others.

Direct Impact with Andrea Epting Powered by Lightning in a Bottle (LIAB)

Find Andrea at her practice, and check out her upcoming workshops!Resolve Strategies,

Andrea is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Masters Addiction Counselor, and Certified Sex Therapist

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