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S2.E21 Direct Impact with Andrea Epting - Stage of Change (Answers with Andrea)

Episode SummaryDirect Impact Nation, this week Andrea explains the struggles individuals face in the earlystages of recovery. Andrea highlights the effects of withdrawal and reveals the importance ofaccountability and boundaries during this time. Join us as we unpack the multifaceted processof recovery: How can you get through it? Or, how can you as a family member, be of bestsupport to a loved one throughout the healing process? Andrea covers all of this during thisepisode, so tune in!

Episode Outline: We talk about phases and stages of the addictive process and the recoveryprocess.

I. Recovery of the authentic person.

II Withdrawal.

III Accountability and Boundaries.

IV What does the recovery process look like.

V Typical thoughts and cognitions in the early recovery process

VI. Annihilation; Dopamine and Serotonin Deficiency

VII. Rewiring of the brain

Andrea’s Plan to Recover Journal found here:

Find Andrea at her practice, and check out her upcoming workshops!Resolve Strategies,

Andrea is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Masters Addiction Counselor, and Certified Sex Therapist

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