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S2.E25 Direct Impact with Andrea Epting - Mind Tricks Part One

When feeling disregulated, we may find ourselves considering old unwanted behaviors. Let’s talk about the mind tricks we can play on ourselves to stop our following through. Join us next week for part two, and five more mind tricks we can utilize.

Episode Highlights:

Let's talk about the skills (mind tricks) we can use when we become disregulated.

Sometimes we know we are going into a challenging/ triggering situation

Sometimes triggers can come out of nowhere - confronted with, usually external

Sometimes internal - cravings, thoughts, emotions

The Tricks

Low expectations - Being mindful of expectations of self/ others and limiting beliefs

Are they grounded in reality?

Is there room for air?

Can I be present and just respond one minute at a time?

Poising the fantasy - Stopping the inevitable romanticizing of unwanted behaviors

Using reminders of why we stopped that unwanted behavior and are saying no now

Let them be reminders you may be embarrassed of, ones that may be hard to face - poison that fantasy

E.g., letters, texts, pictures

Play the tape all the way through to the end - “If I follow through with this old behavior, the end result will be negative”; go step by step

What are the consequences - shame, regret, injuries, relationship damage,

Get back into your window of tolerance, re-ground decisions

Reverse engineering - Reverse engineer the HALT (cravings/ urges)

Step one: Recognize Internal cravings when we are hungry, angry, lonely, tired, stressed, sick, or bored

Andrea’s Plan to Recover Journal found here:

Find Andrea at her practice, and check out her upcoming workshops!Resolve Strategies,

Andrea is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Masters Addiction Counselor, and Certified Sex Therapist

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