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S2.E5 Direct Impact with Andrea Epting - Eager For And Accepting of Grace

Direct Impact Nation, join Andrea this week as we discover what it means to be on a road to recovery, and cross the finish line to acceptance of grace. Oftentimes, our minds pull us in the direction away from sitting with our feelings–but we must acknowledge the hurt and be present in the pain in order to move forward. Direct Impact Nation be eager for grace, because it will come to you. You are not broken and you are not alone, let’s begin to thank our recovery for the opportunity it provides us to build our character and to grow.

Direct Impact with Andrea Epting Powered by Lightning in a Bottle (LIAB)

Find Andrea at her practice, and check out her upcoming workshops!Resolve Strategies,

Andrea is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Masters Addiction Counselor, and Certified Sex Therapist

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